14 August 2011

Monster Monday: Borrowing from Claire

While Claire is out I am feeding, cleaning up after and playing with her lop-eared friend. 

As such, I figure it within my rights to leach just a smidge of the popularity from her weekly post.

Okay, I can handle being carried but this other rabbit over here is making me nervous.

May not look like much but that irregularly antisocial rabbit is actually being held and remaining calm about it. It's also his first mirror pic.

Rabbits generally do not like to be picked up. It reminds them of, well...

...scary things.
So you can imagine how much training, petting and treating it took to make Mr. Monster comfortable enough to be held. I got clawed on a few of his more impatient days, and while that eagle may look like a tough guy a rabbit has some pretty nasty moves (and sharp hind feet) when he wants to use them.

1 comment:

  1. You are a training champ. Monster looks so unhappy but tolerant. Baahahaha.