19 August 2010

Happenin' Staten

Hi, hi,

I know I promised that Gravity's Rainbow talk weeks ago but I feel like I have a legitimate excuse.

I just packed me, my stuff, a few choice books and a friend into my '93 Honda and drove out to New York.

Long story short, I am getting a fresh start on my English degree with a concentration in literature and a minor in writing at the College of Staten Island (CUNY).

Today I filled out an apartment application and may be moving in as soon as Monday.

Life out here is almost too good to be true, weather is beautiful, life is good, inspiration and motivation are everywhere, I have all the right help, and as soon as I have a place of my own, I promise, I will do something worth reading on this damn blog.

Until then, read the poetry of William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound and Robert Frost, if fiction is more your thing, read Ernest Hemmingway, or Jonathan Safran-Foer. Those are my top picks anyway, see you all very soon.

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