10 June 2010

I'll Make this Quick

I am officially and completely out of new release poetry and small press books to read. I've exhausted my AWP stacks, Amazon can't seem to find me anything suitable, so I'm turning to all of you. I have catalogs on the way from a few small presses (Graywolf, Copper Canyon, Wave, etc) but that leaves me with a lapse of new things to do. Ezra Pound and some books about Buddhism and Haiku have been tying up a lot of my free time, but I feel so alone without new poetry to critique.

If anyone out there knows a title worth reading, or a press worth buying from, pass it along. I'll give you something (like a pat on the back, etc) if your suggestion inspires a review.


  1. Check out Brown Paper Publishing. Some great stuff there, and most of them are also available in PDF (free) forms.


  2. I've got extra copies of Justin Hyde's two poetry books, "Down Where the Hummingbird Goes to Die" and "Another Casualty at the 39th Street Bus Stop." I'll mail them your way. Just send me an email if you want them.

    And I second Chris above. Brown Paper puts out great stuff. Chris's own book, "Cienfuegos," is definitely worth checking out.