15 November 2009

Welcome to Unronic!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the very first installment of my other blog. Some of you may know I did some political blogging off and on during the election season over at Politics Out of the Blue, so I want you all to know that this is strictly my arts, culture, music and humanities blog. I'll keep all the politics on a separate channel.

This all got started one fateful day on Facebook.

I remember reading an acquaintance's (anyone else ever question how one can really have HUNDREDS of friends? who are we kidding?) status that said something along the lines of this

"Soandso 'thinks isn't it ironic that I have bruise in the same place, from the same person from about the exact same time last year?'"

I thought to myself, "No, you moron, that's not ironic at all, it's wildly coincidental, but NOT ironic." And thus decided that I would start a blog to, once and for all, clear up the meaning of the word ironic, and provide great examples of things that are NOT ironic, as well as scrounge the internet for things that ARE ironic.

That was several months ago, and I have since decided that, yes, I will continue to inform the world that irony actually refers to the outcome of a situation being the opposite of what is expected, but I will expand the blog to include the root of my passion for writing the misuse of language.

Here's the deal, I love humans, and I love the humanities. Language is how we get across the wild fathoms of our hearts and minds, and is such an immensely important gift that we really need to be careful with it. I get that language is dynamic and changes based on how it is defined, but it is important to keep it well and properly defined. A prime example of how the degradation of language can be devasting is shown here. So the larger picture is, humans do some great things and come up with really fascinating arts and modes of expression and I'm going to use this space to talk about them as they strike me.

If I discover a brilliant form of art or communication, you'll find out about it here. If I find something that nearly makes me lose all faith in humans and culture as we know it, you'll definitely find out about it here, and probably loudly.

What started as a foray into the abuses of the English Language has become evolved (if only in my mind) into a full on disclosure of, well, all things interesting.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


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